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You seen their face... Ur place have cctv? Its a golden opportunity to let the police know, don't you think so? If its not a licence money lender... The its UML....
uml or licensed I think now they're all in it together. like how mafia have legal business and illegal business.

the thing is, if business I still can accept. but this one really trying to scam me. and I've read similar stories where the scam is neverending one.

my place got small cctv. but it only looks to inside rather than outside. this scammer uml not bad I think, quite smart lol. I talked to the police, showed them the call history and all and my reason for making them suspect, but they say bo pian cannot do anything since they were behaving themselves lol.

MAYBE they could send a small patrol and wait to do id check and it would link himself to the illegal business he doing... but SPF too nice lah. don't want anyhow disturb citizens right? 😏
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