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Hi guys.
I'm also facing same problem.
Person I borrowed from turned out to be a scam. I was so stressed out and desperate just to make ends meet that I lost the common sense to do a check on these guys.

Already took 400 (trial loan 600 cashback 400 defer 200 etc.). Was trying to borrow 5k thought 10% interest 10mths I still can manage. Was promised I can reloan 5k after I pay back the trial loan. But when come time to pay, suddenly they ask me to pay first month installment also before they will send the 5k loan. At which point I was like huh?? Previous licensed moneylenders I borrowed from don't have such thing. I asked if they can take the first month money from the loan, so I get 5k-550=4450 instead of the full 5k. Guy keep saying no understand, say his company policy need pay first month first. Call got hung up. So I went to google about this issue and found out it's a bloody scam.

Anyways it's similar to what some of you gg through right. Per the advice I found here, I ignored the guy and not pay back since it would make me their accomplice if I transfer the money to "their" bank acc.

However about a few days ago, guy keeps harassing workplace phone asking for me. Also dared to make reservation at the restaurant I was working at. Trying to scare me (good try though). Luckily didn't make a huge fuss so I just serve them as normal.

Point is, my case got something a little different than the usual ones I see in this forum. Already we had the good opportunity of meeting face to face ☻.
And my boss is the one scared of them more than I am, asking me to pay them off and offering me up.

Any thoughts or advice guys? 🤔
They will keep harassing in the hope you give in, never give in or pay to them, the story will keep going on and on.

If he dare to come again, pin him down and call 999 to arrest him. File your report asap and explain the boss and NOK its a scam.

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