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Cranky . Listen to our bro messy .
Yours is scam . Not real loan shark.
Cctv is good to record suspicious characters.
I am pretty sure they wont come .
Shut off all comms with them , includding noks. Inform work place about this scam .

Fear nothing. Believe us.

Hi im new here. Im NOK yeah im in a trouble also. Because of this harras i've paid them 2k due to close case. I asked them any black/white n they told me yes. Once i did the payment they said i check! After a mins receive message i need to pay another big amount to close account. Wat is tis! N after tat i blocked. In a few mins i received a message n they start to harm me. N now i blocked again d other new number. My heart is really pain that amount i've paid flew away only just like tat! N now i read all tis forum really make me calm. In d 1st place i should listen to him dun pay them stop paying them. But i dun wanna listen. But im still worry anytime/anyday they will harm again! N here i would liked to inform the future NOK please stop paying, it will never end and they can really create a lot of stories to pay tat n tis. Instead he just loan a few hundred dollars n up we paying them thousands over. Dun easily get into their messages! I hope everyone here we are safe.. May God bless Us..
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