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I don't get why people want a preloaded android box. You don't buy a new android phone and expect all the apps you want all preinstalled? U open Google play store or any other store or sideload the apps you want. Same with your TV box. It's basically running the same os as your phone.

Those boxes running androidTV os like the Nvidia shield and Xiaomi mi box are probably better for most people as they are running an OS specifically design for TV and support DRM, Chromecast and run actual android TV apps. Unlike the other android boxes which run the phone version of android.
Those not so tech savvy or even some tech savvy people are buying boxes like Unblocktech Ubox or some live IPTV subscriptions.

They have the curated pirate streams which takes a lot of efforts for individual to get and maintain so indeed I can understand why people choose to buy them. Basically you will not get these apps like UBTV on Ubox from Google Play Store or other places. Sometimes you can download the apps for free but then you need to pay for subscription fee.

Tv boxes sellers here are indeed part to blame for the proposed ban, advertising that the boxes can watch any channels and any shows the users here want. Some say one time payment, some say two year low subscription fee, often say no need to pay SingTel and Starhub.

I think this is probably a good thing for Singapore in the long run because of the aims to be an IP hub. Those SLS and shopping mall preloaded Android TV boxes are anyway not recommended in the first place.

Rights holder and service providers like TVB, EPL, Starhub, SingTel and Netflix should probably work harder to win the minds of the consumers too.

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