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Well, I successfully applied EAE for TP Diploma in Infocomm Technology but I did badly for my English, got an E8 so my eae got revoked, For JAE, there's nothing I can do except for applying for ITE courses. I also applied for DAE if there's a chance and I planned to appeal if possible. Here's my result:

English : E8
Math : B3
Chinese : B4
Science (P/C) : C6
Humanities (G/S) : C5
D&T : C6
L1R4 : 26

Maybe it's possible to go to polytechnic but maybe referred to unpopular courses with vacancy.

Hey guys i don't know if this thread is dead anot but i want to enquire more about DAE. Do you need to meet the minimum entry requirements for the course to be eligible? because i just collected my results today and i did badly... because i flunk my math. my ELR2B2-C is 27 before 2 points cca deduction. my results are here

English C6
Humanities(SS/Geog) B3
Mathematics E8
Science(Phy/Chem) C6
Chinese C5
D&T C5

i was wondering if i am eligible for DAE even though i failed math and i am very worried because after retaining for 1 year because of my results last year my math still cmi and i had also successfully application for EAE marine science and aquaculture for 2 years but my results is still ****. can i appeal for this 2 courses? i really don't know what to do... I'm really lost as i really want to get into a poly
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