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My 1 day experience I think need to work hard plus luck.
Remember got these fu customer will cancel on you when you about to reach the pu point? If long distance pu like these 10 mins range you kana such case and you got a b2b the other pu also need 5 mins 1/4hr gone just like that.
My conclusion is can try at your own risk.
Beside I personally find it more stressful to drive because I don't know if I will kana cancel. That feeling is cb, and it's even better than watching horror movies. Should thank gj for that since I got no time for movie lately.
I only kenna the really fu case in the last supper yesterday night.l have this group of riders from the same PU and going to the same destination that put driver cancellation as reason 3 successive times which totally destroyed my performance rating last night. Luckily,l have the 22 points incentives all done already so didnít Luigi a lot.

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