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Under the new proposed law, it is still legal to buy android box.

But it is illegal to sell boxes with apps that can be use to access unlicensed copyrighted material. Usually the sellers charge more than $100 for these apps. Many of the 'local' brands fall under this group. Those boxes like ubox, evpad are also affected.

So the risk of losing your $100+ is high if you continue to buy these boxes.

The safer and much cheaper way is to buy plain vanilla android box and install apps yourself. There are plenty of apps available and freely downloadable from internet, some are licensed, some are not. It is not illegal to use those unlicensed apps if it is for your own personal consumption.
Yes the law have not been pass yet. But it does say the import and selling of these boxes is illegal. Yes you can say an empty box does not infringe any law. But it looks like the box that is capable of downloading streaming illegal apps is illegal.
With the Kiasu SG mentality the vendors would now be clearing their stock. Import would be ban and the online retailors would follow up very soon.
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