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Yesterday went CarClick reach about 630pm.
Parked my car saw ws inside full of JB cars doing major repair works.

Walked in as usual only saw ah yuan inside office.
Told him I am here to change my rear absorber.

He told me he canít do it as he alone only and asked me come another day.
Then told him just change of absober very fast but he say canít do it.
Then I say nvm I come other day.

Seems like he very bad mood and stress yesterday.
Ah Hong was not around seems like went off early or on leave.

In then end went to any other ws which is not far from sutra mall.
Change rear absober and alignment and balancing
Total damage : 100RM.

Time taken 40mins.

This ws last time I share before in thread.
4 guys working on my car so dame fast sia. Haha.

Dunno what happen to CArClick.
Same just now was there and full of jb cars also. There was another workshop even bigger just beside him. Full of jb cars also. Wonder if is good?
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