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Bro for me to answer your statement. I have to write about my thoughts about Grab rewards system and emerald circle. But there is nothing contradictory. Just a fast one. I know you love Grab but l question the fairness of its system and how transparent it is. Grab did itself no favours by coming out with the earnings guaranteed incentives just before GJ come into market. Yes, it more difficult for the GJ points incentives now. But the hard part lies with riders quality and trips issues. Even under the new incentives scheme. For most Drivers, GJ will still generate income. I remember driving AASNG for Grab as a Sapphire tier on Saturday many times and getting only around $350 gross fares with effective 11 hours of driving. However, with GJ new points system incentives, l can still get $500 nett fares with the same 11 hours on the road though it is harder now.The rewards system now for Grab is that unless you focus on driving for them alone. You will not get the incentives. Just look at the tier one gems requirement of ST and DT. It will be good if the booster bonus will still be around next week. If you don’t drive hard for G, the only way to have decent income is to CP. Discuss more later next week.
11hrs 350 gross fares is seriously...

i know some sapphire drivers can do better in 11hrs

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