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It is interesting to note that Stephenhoh has gone very quiet after the verdict. I guess the class action had to be aborted since Jason Huber can't even fend for himself now.

This is just my advice to fellow shareholders not to put too much hope on CellOS when it is run by a team of incompetent fools. In my honest opinion, CellOS is a scam right from the beginning & was sold to gullible & unsuspecting christians like us. I believe even CP was conned into investing millions & getting her friends to join her as well. Her intention was probably to allow her friends to profit from it, without realising that there are many scammers out there, waiting to prey on her trusting nature.

In 2019, I hope all of us can be wiser & be filled with God's discernment so as not to be victims of such financial scams again!

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