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sometimes is not their internet connection. majority left halfway when they feel the team is losing or they didn't get to pick their heroes.

majority of the epic still pick miya layla bruno sun and alucard. if they can play well with these heroes then its not a problem. problem is they picked these heroes but feed hard at least more than 7 times. sometimes they can feed as much as 12-15 etc. if they picked a better hero then at least they won't die so much.

they are epic means they know how to play the game otherwise they cannot move to epic rank right but i am wrong. don't know if they are trolling but alot of them play like warrior level. too bad i can't join legend or mythic rank as i am still stuck in gm.
trust me cancer are everywhere even in legend or mythic

bruno should not feed too much since he got 2nd skill to escape. if bruno feed means really noob.

team with sun & alu is really toxic & 90% lose. 10% win is when ur team has a good carry.

miya & layla need good positioning & good tank if not 90% lose.
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