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Hi all, just booked my fit hybrid from PI today. Excited :-)

However I notice that it doesnt come with armrest aka only two holes. Anyone got any way around this? Any armrest to recommend from third party etc?

Appreciated cheers
Similar deal as Orphan, all the standard accessories thrown in for the same price (refer to older posts..). But attractive thing is 1.99 interest rate... expecting coe to go up soon..

Congrats and welcome to the club!

For armrest, can get those slot in ones. Fits the sockets perfectly as seen in the lazada pics HondaJG already linked.

Wife already browsing taobao for nice ones. She's very happy now got more things she can browse/buy from taobao. Esp now that I cannot complain she always buy so many things, and all are her things hahaha

In case you need:
本田 - 飞度 - 扶手箱
Honda - Fit - Armrest container
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