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Thinking of getting a Honda Fit.

So many variant, which version should I go?

I saw honda fit for $65K @ Ubi the other day.. Prime motor or something.
For new 1.3 Petrol Fit, right now, all the PIs selling the 1.3G F-Package only. Pricing from 59k to 69k:
59k means Attrage that kind of price. But if you see PI selling so cheap, need to do a bit more research to check.

For 1.5, they only have the 2 Sports Hybrid models. The standard Package and the F-Package.

Kah Motors have Petrol Jazz 1.3 and LX model for Jazz 1.3.
And also the Petrol Jazz 1.5 RS.

Personally, I wanted a 1.5, but coz Kah Motor have to wait longer than I was expecting, so I got a hybrid from PI. I wasn't a fan of hybrid cars before this, but after driving for a while, my impression changed.

Got power: 135 brake horsepower without turbo, which basically means it's comparable to a 1.8 litre cars (without turbo) rather than a 1.5 litre. Of course CoE is also Cat B to reflect this.
Got speed: 0-100 in 8.8 secs. Beat quite a number of Mercs/Audis/BMWs out there.
Got Fuel Economy: 37.5 km/l
Got VES rebate: 10k rebate for churning out less pollutants compared to most cars.
Got many accessories since it's still a Fit.
All that for less than 75k.

Even the petrol Fit/Jazz have always been known as very good buys.
It feels like in the competition between car makers, Honda is playing cheat for coming out with their Hybrid models. Optimize a level 1 character with high level gear, give him a "S" mode button to power up at will, then fight against other level 1 characters. Sibei chao... but I liiiike

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