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3) Should I invest more in a camera with interchangeable lens, or should i get a camera that has a fixed lens?

What if I buy the fixed lens point and shoot, and I want to change lens in future to further my photography hobby? What If I spend more and get a camera with interchangeable lens, and end up sticking to the same kit lens forever? Any experts here to chime in their opinions?
Interchangeable is always better as it gives more flexibility. If you buy an interchangeable lens camera and only stick to the kit lens, you still have an upgrade path if you are more interested to try other lenses in future.

But you have to ask yourself how truly enthusiastic you are about photography. You know your own preferences the best so you decide how far you want to take photography.

Owning a camera isn't just about buying a body and lens. you have tripods and filters if you want to do long exposure (and most people would highly recommend a UV filter as protection for your lens), you'll need to invest in storage for your lenses (drybox, dessicants etc)

Most people today just use their smartphones for photography due to the sheer convenience and also because smartphone photo quality has improved a lot.

You have to consider what way does your current smartphone fall short of your requirements that you'd want to invest in a dedicated camera? Because if the phone all along is good enough for your needs, owning a camera might be a waste, and an expensive waste too.

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