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Hi, would like to ask, if I am using a true wireless Bluetooth earbud, such as Beoplay E8, assuming I'm using the file format mp3 320kbps, will there be a noticeable sound quality between a DAP vs a phone say Samsung Note 9?

For an IEM I know there will be as there is less noise etc in a dedicated DAP with no interference etc.

But for Bluetooth my understanding is the Codec used such as LDAC Aptx etc is a major factor. Since the signal is already passed through the Bluetooth, the DAC quality inside a phone or a DAP should not affect the sound quality right? Inteference from other components inside a Samsung Note 9 should not have any effect right?

So if I have a Beoplay E8, is it still worth it to invest in a DAP?

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The sound quality will be mainly restricted by the codec. For example, SBC is easily the worse, with much lower bitrate. AptX is ideally the best if you are not going using iphone, due to the largely AptX-capable smartphones in the market. There's the Sony one, bit from what I heard, the codec is limited to Sony's smartphones and DAPs.

The DAC is unable to affect the sound quality too much due to the restrictive bitrate of bluetooth connections, so if you do not have a DAP in the first place and is living life fine, there is no reason why you need one specifically for your TWEs. DAPs are more suitable for fully-wired IEMs and headphones.

There's a reason why I still don't match my SenM3 to my DAP, that's because my DAP is reserved for my wired CIEM, which wired-combination is able to bring out both DAP and CIEM's potiential. My SenM3 is mainly used for my smartphone, watching videos mostly.
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