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playing on the B server. lol. just start only got 3 server riaos.

but doesnt matter huan rights ?
People of different server won't be able to form teams and join guilds for collaborative farming and events. Although this game is perfectly fine to play solo, forming/joining teams grant everyone more drops and it's cheaper in NRG consumption.

As far as I know, you can add friends of different servers, but activitiy is confined to just friendly duels with friends of different servers.

(There are also whines on how players need to pay to form guilds. Lol. It's just $1+usd, $2.60 sgd in the tw server to encourage some dedication from guild masters)

Also in all collaboration battles, nrg is consumed from all participants at a discounted rate, not just consumed from only the host. Good implementation to discourage punk players from afk or set to auto and screw up the run for the rest of the players.

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