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Cos' they want instant ssr. Lol. Wait for 7 days when they get Cherie. I don't think many will kaobei anymore as Cherie is one of the best SSRs that even lvl 60s are using.

I started w/o rerolling and have my fair share of drooling at the SSRs when I started. But when I get Cherie and she overpowered many things, I forgot abt the rest of the SSRs. Even though I have Luna, she is weak compared to Cherie and has no synergy with the rest of the team at that time. Benched.

I started building around her for a 光辉 faction team together with the 3 MCs and SR Chris. She is currently still a critical member in my princess faction team when I got 2 other SSR princesses along the way. I finally complete my princess team when I get Freya, the OP SR tanky princess.

(Freya's OPness is almost at a cheating lvl for an SR. Before entering into any battle, she cuts the opponent first, and after that battle, she cuts the opponent again for up to 2 times. Plus she is very tanky. If you guys get her early, you are very lucky).
thanks for the tips. duly noted.

what is the rainbow gem used for ?
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