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thanks for the tips. duly noted.

what is the rainbow gem used for ?
Hmm.. maybe can guide me how to dl global? Lol. Not sure which rainbow gem.

PS: Actually this game can reroll lah, just very tedious. Need multiple devices and huge amount of time for each reroll.

I won't advise to reroll since I feel rerolling a waste of time for this game. If anyone wants to reroll, get Liana. Only her I feel is worth to reroll for. Not Leon, Elwin or anyone else.

In such a tactical game, a unit that can attack twice a turn has the obvious advantage and OPness. The game already gives one (Cherie). If you have a 2nd one, imagine how much enemies u can kill in turn 1 whether in pve or pvp.

Liana has a skill that refreshes a unit who has ended his move, to move and attack again. Its OP. But of course, it has high cooldown duration.

My dream: If I have Liana, my princess team will get another degree of OPness.

My mage Schelfaniel ((not available in gl yet) aoe nuke opponent. Sofia (another OP SR. A Healer that can mass reset cooldown of all allies' skill within range) resets skill.
Liana refresh Schelfaniel. Schelfaniel nukes again.

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