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If you think harder (clue: lowest balance), it is first day of the month. It is just one day of interest difference anyway if you put on last day.
What is your lowest balance in Jan? Why not 1 Feb? If you can't understand, then do 31 Jan lor. Only 1 day difference.
Yes, that would be the ideal, perfect answer... *except*, a number of us (myself included) recommend transferring on the last day of the month instead.

Sometimes, funds that were transferred in on the 1st, will be post-dated to the 2nd by Citi. This usually happens if the 1st is a Sunday, or a public holiday; but on at least one occasion, this date-change happened to funds I transferred in in the late afternoon on a non-holiday weekday (the transfer will initially show dated on the 1st; but will change to the 2nd a couple of days later).

Since then, I've made it a point to only transfer in on the last day of the month (31, 30, or 28/29, depending on the month). Sometimes, I still see these transfers get post-dated to the 1st.
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