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1: We want to sincerely apologize to everyone first off for the communication regarding pre-register rewards collection, also for an advertisement that confused people into thinking they would receive an SSR for pre-registration with no further information.

To address this, first off we are preparing some compensation that will not only be better than the pre-registration reward… but will be sent straight to the game without the need for any codes or emails or confusing ads.

Secondly, with the SSR Confusion – Everyone does indeed get an SSR, we have sent 60 shards for Dieharte, and you will still get the Free Cherie from the Tour of Light quest. We are sorry for not being more clear on this.

2: To our android users who have had trouble with the game; such as not wanting to give the game microphone permissions for it’s integrated voice chat – we are addressing the game not playing if you decline permission for camera/mic. Please be patient for the update. We understand if you don’t want to play in the meantime, the fix is coming very soon, within the next 48 hours is our current tentative ETA. Modifying these settings can have severe effects so we must test it.

3: The racist, homophobic and unsavory slurs in the bullet chat, aka “Banter” – we did not anticipate how disgusting some players would be and will be improving the profanity filters this evening, and also, we will be wiping the chat logs regularly until it is under control. We hope you can forgive this, we do not in anyway condone this behavior and actions may be taken against egregious offenses.
lol AMDK is racist ?
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