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LCH Batteries and Tyres quoted me RM120 for the labour bro, I supply part. If get part from them it varies quite a bit depending if genuine, OEM, used part. If you car not left long and you don't mind used I managed to find a scrapyard in JB that sources all their parts from half cuts of SG cars. Cheap parts, how long it'll last is a ? Although excellent for panel parts/lamps etc. I got my power steering pump used for RM280.

LCH batteries and tyres had quoted RM500 for used part with labour, CarClick when I'd dropped by a week back was RM580. I got LTEN PRO to quote but the quote was a bit arbitrary over the phone..he like didn't have a figure so just agar and said RM200 for labour, I supply part. Hawk Tayar said must bring down and supervisor can quote in store. I might pop by one of their outlets on the way to LCH Batteries and tyres to see how they quote since their labour quite standard.

One odd thing though, my ps fluid reservoir had started dropping and I'd have to top up after parked overnight. Had it checked, power steering pump leaking. After a few days of leaking while I sourced the pump, the last few days, ps fluid reservoir has been the same level..super I have a used ps pump in my boot and am unsure if to replace. I'll let the workshops have a second look and determine what's going on..can't do much without getting under the car.
Maybe the rust/dirt inside the PS system some how clogged up the leaking point, then leakage stopped
Just my wild guess.
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