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I recommend GR III

Used GRD 3 & GR. Love them to death. But all 2 were short lived.

Now looking forward for the GR III to come out so that I can retire my X100F(if I can convince wife on why I need "GR III" when I have an X100F). I always use an fixed lens compact, X100F is the biggest & heaviest cam I ever own. I really missed the small and pocket friendly size of GRs.

Here's one sample gallery shot on GR
GR 3 is not out yet, and I'm on the fence on getting a GR2 because... well like kinda a bit 'wasted' to buy a old model when a new one is coming out soon. I know, this is not the case for cameras, where people actually encourage to get an older model of a camera if budget permits. Nothing wrong with that. It's about me. lol
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