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I understand Liao. You think you were on top of the world with your 86u then all of a sudden someone with a much better router appears and u got salty it's like your whole world view got crushed knowing there is someone much tech savvy then you...

If u are jealous, maybe try improving your tech skills so you are able to use a pfsense router and not be so envious of others that can.
lol ok boss.. you happy can liao..
now hear this liao lj steam already faster go pcc it out to feel even better..

unless you're telling me you have more than one CompTIA level certificated or MCSA level certified, I guess it would be a waste of my time to compare "tech skills" with you..

especially when you cannot even use a public forum to provide proper level of advise. I don't see a point of using a pfsense router to inflate your godlike level of tech skills publicly. but if it floats your boat, and is good enough for you to feel that everyone will worship your pfsense router and make your jizz in your pants, then go ahead.. I proclaim you the conqueror and destroyer of consumer level wireless router!!!

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