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Not as much as was promised by Janifer to buy our support, actually to be honest she lied to us. Not only lied to us to discredit another Director but lied to us about the reason for postponing a legitimate EGM telling us that the scheduled AGM was only a few months away. Well that was nearly 12 months ago and we have still not had the financial year report for 2017 or the AGM. Where does she get off continuing to tell lies and not being picked up on it by other significant investors. Too many smaller investors donít have the voice, they might have had a chance to make their intentions heard if we had been able to run an EGM, but she and her poorly advised board, supported by a legal team, well Iíll say no more about them, the court ruling speaks for itself on their competence.
I am amazed & amused by the intelligence of our fellow shareholders. How can anyone still believe in the lies of the current board after numerous times we had been played out? What happened to Janifer's fervent supporters? Please give us an update since you guys were so SURE of the credibility & capability of the board.

I don't believe there will be any AGM or financial reports. All the current board wants is to prevent any shareholders from finding out the true state of CellOS. Have you guys wondered what are these people trying to cover up?
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