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you can read from the replies in that thread. Are they the trolls or you are the troll?
Honestly not sure what s the intention of the thread but obviously it offended the sensibilities of a lot of people even by edmw standard.
Admin will decide whether to reverse.

Intention of the thread is penning down my observation never to disrespect anybody. If there is any post that indicates otherwise, please show.
Tbh Offended vs really racist to get infracted are two different things.
There is nothing disrectful being discussed here.
On a side note, there maybe someone wanting to take every opportunity to get me infracted in the disguise of justice. These are the trolls I'm referring to.
Furthermore, If they feel offended at the slightest, I can't really help it as I can't please everyone since There is really nothing disrespectful in that thread

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