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But what's Mamoswine good for ?

Dragon killer ?

Now dragon is not very popular in the game meta

Unless NN plans to buff up Salamence and bring Raquaza back

D9 like not very popular, even in PVP
potentially it could be best ice pokemon unless niantic trolls by giving subpar moveset.

Likely u will be asking what's the use of ice pokemons
Yes i agree ice is primary use for countering dragons (to be honest i cant remember which other typing ice matches up against).

I like to think long term and collect the best counters for each typing. we are only into gen4 (not even half way), there are still rest of gen4 plus gen5-7 to come and who knows what gets intro after gen7

Just like u see kygore and groudon got rotated back recently, wont be surprise if other dragons come back. so personally i felt no harm collecting it if it is really the best typing (for ice). yes an articuno, ice beam m2 or even a lapras can do the job especially in a massive group. its optional if the individual wants to go for such improvement. Its similar to the rayquaza scenario, some ppl go for it because it is the top dps and best dragon to date but some felt it is just a slight upgrade over dragonite and doesnt want to spend the stardust or candies. it really depends on yourself because everyone have difference playing style, different amount of candies and stardust.

personally i want to collect the best meta relevant pokemons especially if they are the best in their typing. that's why i went all out on tyranitar CD, metagross CD, venasaur CD. And Eg for blastiose CD and that blue croco (cant remember the name), I just went for 3 shinies for each evolution because even with hydro cannon they are still nowhere near kyogre.

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