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I don't even know how many generation of pokemon there are? Think most people like me is most familiar with the original series. Seem like you mentioned got gen7.

救命啊。pokemon storage barely enough lor. Niantic please upgrade FOC!
i also didnt play the main series. i only got interested in pokemon after pokemon go comes to mobile. but i did some read ups on the net. currently it is up to gen7 but nintendo switch released that let's go series recently which i have not much idea what gen it is or if they added any 'gen8' to it. for that let's go, the only thing i know is that i have taken the meltan box from my friends who got switch

if u got time and if interested, can go google on pokemon gen 4 to 7, so u will have an idea on what to come and roughly which pokemon is expected to be good and so call more future proof.

Eg Kyogre is considered the best pure water pokemon in the entire series even though it debut in gen3 because gen4's palkia does not have a water type fast move. hence it is expected palkia will get some kinda of Dragon tail / hydro pump combo instead. but of course niantic can always troll us. they made ho-oh and heatran, great stats pokemon but given crap movesets.

As for storage, i'm sorry u got to increase by coins either from gym or $. niantic not going to be charity. or u can consider keeping only strong meta relevant pokemons and special collections like shinies. the rest just throw, irregardless of CP / IV because u can still view them from pokedex.

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