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Back then (00's), I find these annoying but it's not so bad to turn me away from playing. Yes, I spent a lot of time wandering around to see where to go next. But the combat is still fun and the worlds are interesting to keep me going. I didn't spend much time on Gummi Ship. LOL. Oh yeah I recall trying to figure out all the Trinity symbols thingie.

Did you play the remaining games of the series?

I am half way through replaying KH1, still have KH2 to replay before starting KH3. Looks like have to wait till CNY liao.

Replaying KH1, I am finding lots of design flaws when viewed with today's game standards. Like the platforming really sucks, totally lack precision. Swinging from vine to vine is not even standard jump button but have to wait for context-sensitive command, kinda like QTE, really stupid. Also there is no indication of what you need to do next, no map pointer (doesn't even have map or minimap). Sometimes it's just one dialog line, if you miss it, that's it. Really don't know how I managed to complete the game pre-internet. From what I have seen of KH3, at least these problems were fixed.

There are other problems with KH1, like the gummi ship, which I absolutely hate. The 3D perception is terrible, you just can't tell whether you can pass through obstacles. The left stick controls movement but also controls recticle, and it auto-centers if you release the stick, so hard to control and shoot. Sadly this returns in KH3, though no longer on-rail.
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