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Wah super detailed review 👍🏻

Aiyo... I dreamt that my roof wrap was full of air bubbles last night

I went a few times, this workshop is always busy and there's always cars to work with. Workmanship wise, pls monitor closely.

e.g. I did door soundproofing, asked them to check if there's any loose parts causing a vibration sound in the door... not done. Personally went to check and picked the debris myself before the guy seal up the door with soundproofing material

Hands-on workers seems overwhelmed, overheard worker ranting to boss when boss ask him to work on another car after finishing what he is doing. Hesitated a few times when I wanted to install some gauges there due to this and eventually didn't do my installation there.

Wrap is cheap and fast. So far no issues. I did a roof wrap - RM120 and bonnet - RM88. HOWEVER, they sprayed some liquid while performing the wrap and my grill's paint sort of faded. Aiyo..... I think I will never go back there again.
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