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Hihi. So you bought all the items "EO, filter, air filter, spark plugs, cvt fluid, cvt filer, rear shock pair, brake fluid, coolant" all in sg then went there to replace? Where did you get all those items from?

Went to CarClick yesterday. Due to miscomm with Singapore stockist, I got to run around in Singapore a bit before departing for JB. Reached CarClick at 2 plus. Car handed over to Ah Hong and he started work on my car right away. There were a few Malaysian cars that were being worked on, probably waiting for parts.

Work done: replace EO, EO filter, air filter, spark plugs, CVT fluid, CVT filter, rear shocks pair, brake fluid, coolant. Also did alignment. Labour fee total rm235. Parts some i bring some they source oem parts which I'm ok with. All in took 3.5 hours.

They spotted the CVT fluid I brought was wrong spec. Turned out there are 2 Toyota CVT fluid with very similar packaging. He sourced the correct fluid for me. It is slightly more expensive than getting direct from stockist but not exorbitantly so. Acceptable mark up.

Very good experience overall.
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