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Aiyo... I dreamt that my roof wrap was full of air bubbles last night

I went a few times, this workshop is always busy and there's always cars to work with. Workmanship wise, pls monitor closely.

Wrap is cheap and fast. So far no issues. I did a roof wrap - RM120 and bonnet - RM88. HOWEVER, they sprayed some liquid while performing the wrap and my grill's paint sort of faded. Aiyo..... I think I will never go back there again.
Yeh, the reviews online seem to say the workmanship varies depending on who's doing the job.. although that's totally not acceptable already...cause damage is well over the line for me..

Super power car ws I saw their works on Facebook but never visit them cos like very messy. Their promo item mostly like from Taobao one.

LCH bros , the tireman still same pattern with that look?
It is super order at hunting treasure Most of their stuff is from Taobao etc China stuff, not too bad if need on the spot though. Found their markup not that bad.

Oh actually I went LCH batteries and tyres not bros but also got one grumpy looking guy working with tyres
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