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I heard KH3 is lackluster...?
I am around 4 hours into the game, so far definitely not lacklustre. The combat is quite intense with really large scale boss fights. They retained the great battle system mechanics from multiple past games, e.g. shotlock etc and add in even more crazy things. Voice acting is excellent, characters come alive, Disney esque humour, beautiful graphics - I can even see Sora's clothing texture.

They included a "Memory Archive" in-game for newcomers/important recaps, but may not be sufficient to understand when many of the shocking plots revelations (confirmed by Nomura-san) slowly unravel. So perhaps good to do some homework on YouTube (story summary) or may risk wasting their efforts on plot revelations as it spans across multiple games in the series.

It's very satisfying to perform those acrobatic crazy moves/rage forms/formchanges/attractions etc but I'm worried the combat may get too easy (hopefully not). I'm not used to the buttons configuration (jump is O, attack is X) and I'm unable to find where I can customize it (probably cannot even configure).
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