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Every week, we are committed to serve you with useful and important tips about website development and graphics for every HWZone forumers! We strongly feel that designing is an exclusive art and its part of our social responsibility to share it to everybody and create a strong awareness about it.

Therefore, this week’s tutorial is a continuation from the previous one. It covers on crucial web design tips that drives the sales for your website:

1. Create an effective landing page:
A landing page is where the road to conversion begins. To attract leads, your landing page must have a strong headline. A high-quality image that draws attention would also be a nice touch.

2. Keep contact forms short and sweet:
It is important to keep the “Contact” form short and sweet. Ask only for names, email addresses, and zip codes. You don’t want visitors to think you’re asking for too much information if you put in more fields. I am sure most will hate filling out lengthy forms.

3. Easy navigation:
It doesn’t take a genius to know that visitors will spend more time on your website and therefore improve your chances for conversions if they find navigation to be easy. Divide the categories clearly and make all navigation elements clickable.

4. A hard-to-miss Call-To-Action (CTA) button:
For your visitors to take any action, make sure your CTA is in a prominent place, like somewhere above the fold. It will also help if it’s in red or any other attention-grabbing colour.

5. Boost your page loading speed:
The speed with which a page loads could spell the difference between visitors buying something from you or dropping it altogether. Therefore, do what you can to keep your page loading time speedy, particularly when your page has large images and interactive elements.

6. Give away free stuff:
Sometimes, all people need to engage is to see the word “FREE” plastered on a page. Few people would say “no” to free trials, subscriptions and shipping.So offer them what you can and boost your chances of getting more conversions.

7. Make videos:
Many people would rather watch a video than read an article, so if you want to reach them, make a video highlighting your products or services. While written content is good, videos tend to be more engaging and are easier to take in. Keep the duration to about three minutes.

8. Show your badges:
Trust, Security, and Awards badges aren’t mere decorations. These badges attest to your website’s trustworthiness, so if you have them, don’t be shy about displaying them prominently on your Homepage.

9. Display testimonials:
Your web design needs to incorporate testimonials from satisfied customers who have availed to your offerings in the past. As long as the testimonials come with the real identities of past customers, they will be credible, which should make visitors trust you more.

10. Make your site responsive:
there are more mobile users than desktop users and the gap will only increase with each passing day. If there’s ever a time for you to make your site as mobile-friendly as it can be, now would be it.


Happy Lunar New Year everybody! Huat Ah!

Many people think that web design is all about making a website look good. Web design could have an impact on sales and it’s important that you tweak your web design to drive them.

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