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hi,....i am in the process of getting the Somfy RTS, connexoon and also samsung home connect pro. Already using Google Home. Looking also at integrating googlehome->Smartthings-somfy rts.

The last leg i understand u gotten a zrtsi from US.
I was just wondering its just like a box that u plug a stepdown adaptor to? I cant really find any pictures of how it looks like and the items in the package.

Really didnt wanna cluster too many devices just to get voice controlled blinds....hence i opted for a Samsung connect home pro (mesh+smartthings hub) to cut one less item from the clutter

is there really no other way other than to add one more device?
Lately, I managed to get a mylink adaptor from amazon, learn the skill on my Alexa and it worked flawlessly. I am not sure if Google home support this.
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