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So what do you guys think of the Demo overall?

I find the game to be too boring. Same fetch quests, the world lacks colour and looks bland.
The enemies are practically the same with only more health as it gets harder.
There are way too many particle effects around it is hard to see enemy health and/or where the enemy is attacking from especially those seeker mines that are whizzing around on the ground and hitting you with explosions.

There is also no PVP so whatever skin you make or buy, like only the other 3 with you will notice it. If they even notice it to begin with.

The fact that it was in delayed for some time tells me that this game was not fun to begin with and they need help to make it viably fun.

GamesRadar put it as a game similar to Diablo where you grind and grind for slightly better armor over and over. If it is this kind of game, it is really not my cup of tea. I don't have a lot of time as is and this game feels more like a dread to play as opposed to me looking forward to playing it.

That's my pov. Anyone else has their own perspective or is the feeling mutual?

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