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This kinda topic has been raised so many times liao but clearly admin doesn't give a sh*t.

Its like the threads about what is considered "indecent" pics. To some BBFA, self righteous, no life mods, a pic of a lady in bikini is indecent and the pic is deleted/thread locked and poster infracted.

The excuse then was different mods have different perceptions but when pressed for a standard SOP for all mods to adhere to instead of suka suka, I recall some lame reason was given like mods are voluntary or something.

Bottomline, voluntary or not, mods need to follow a set of SOPs and not suka suka.

Just like the time a mod went to change the title of a thread from "Pinoy" to "Filipino" and infracted the TS. Reason being "racist". Even Filipinos themselves refer to themselves as Pinoy (boy) or Pinay (girl) so that was a classic e.g. of a self righteous, no brain mod slapping himself in the face.

If u have mods to monitor forumers then u should have someone to monitor the mods cos certainly some mods do abuse their powers and suka suka anyhow pass judgement!

If the mods proves himself to be a brainless tard who goes around abusing his power, getting involved in squabbles himself and making things worse rather than better, than he should be de-frocked and banned. Mod so what? Mod is god ah?!
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