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This is my first posting here. I am seeking advise from gout sufferers. First time gout trouble.
I am currently suffering from acute gout attack. Attack is on ankle area. It started with gradual pain on foot at night. I couldn’t walk first thing in the morning. Foot was swollen and the incredible pain caused me sleepless nights. Next few days I couldn’t walk. Had blood test. Doctor prescribed Colchicine for 3 day treatment. Swelling subsided and couple of days later, I had itchy skin rashes on my ankle area. Doctor said the rashes are not due to Colchicine.
Two weeks on, ankle feels tight and crushing pain even lifting my foot up a bit in bed. Foot is a bit swollen. I don’t know what to do. Doctor prescribed NSAID drugs. I am still off work and is worrying.

Has anyone had similar experience? If so, please describe. I didn’t know gout attack can last that long and have such serious effects. I don’t understand the rashes.

Allopurinol has been mentioned a lot here in the forum. I am uncertain whether I should be on lifetime Allopurinol. Any advice? I read Allopurinol lowers uric acid level. Will Allopurinol prevent future attack? If there’s a good chance of another attack, what’s the use on Allopurinol? Does on Allopurinol give me a bit of freedom of consuming occasional high purine food or drink? I am unsure about the long term side effects and health vs enduring another serious episode of acute attack.

Gout diet is confusing in some aspects. Can overeating the wrong food cause overnight flare up? I suppose is more an accumulating effect, no?

Please share your thoughts.
Gout usually last 3 to 10 days.

Colchicine is slow for treatment.
Nsaid much faster but bad for kidney.

Allopurinol is to help remove uric acid from your body.
I m on 400mg a day.
Taking forever .

Allopurinol lower your chance gout attack .

Gout can lead to kidney , heart disease , high blood pressure .

Loss weight n exercise help alot.

I use to have very serious gout problem.
An attack every 1 month.

I eat nsaid n colchinice but not helping much.

My uric acid level is double of average before I visit gout specialist

The best is to visit a gout specialist , they can advise u better than gp.

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