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just to SIC with the bros here, Qoo10 got one user NPN doing wechat wallet top up at rate of 1sgd: 4.5rmb .(can use qoo10 vouchers, Exchange rate is favourable 5.2, if you know how to stack coupons and use the most ex voucher) Basically you pay, QR code gets sent to your email, you scan the code and it goes directly to your wallet. (my wallet is registered to my SG visa card only, no local card, no local china number linked to wechat)

very surprised the ang pao didnt get rejected. :X

\\\\NO LONGER RELEVANT VALID AS OF MARCH19\\\\\ (seller on qoo10 explicitly states you need china bank card linked. Not sure it will work for new wallet opening already sorry. Consider this avenue closed for now)

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