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I am very concern on the current state of affair in Cellos :
1) After raising the US$ 28 million, how the money was used was not accounted for.
2) the last account was submitted, I think , was F/Y 2016. Cellos cannot produce any audited accounts since then.
3) Till now, Cellos has no reported income. What happen to those pipeline that Kamlesh mentioned in July 2015 fund raising presentation ??
4) For all those many contracts mentioned, not one;I repeat NOT ONE materialise. Cellos until today did not even report a $1 revenue income. Something is just not right ........
5) Cellos is at least 4 AGMs late. The management , I believe, keep pushing away the AGM because they cannot answer to the many necessary queries.....
6) There are too many skeletons int the closet. The management owes us, the shareholders, the truth on the current state of affairs of Cellos. Kicking the can down the road is immature, unprofessional and irresponsible.
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