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Time to vote again? trial is over, justice had been seeked.
This is not easily remedied. JYT has a real problem now, how to save face? Which to her is more important than how to save CellOS. Her gamble failed and now she has to find a way out. The company has failed to get that miracle injection of funds that she had promised shareholders during her Henderson meetings, so what can she do?

1 She can close the company down, but that doesnít save face.
2. She can raise funds to keep it going, but who would invest?
3. She can stand down as a director, again not face saving, and who would want to take over?
4. She can run the overdue AGM and allow the EGM to go ahead in accordance with the court ruling (albeit well overdue) but thatís assuming the convieners and nominees still wish to take over.
5. She could approach those she has tried to destroy and ask for assistance. This might work but would rely on her being sincere and honest, difficult but possible.
6. She could wait for the court settlement to happen then once again blame the others for her own failure to put the company ahead of her own vendetta.

I personally feel that CellOS is not dead yet but it has to be in the hands of someone who is capable to deliver it. More importantly shareholders must accept that there is no easy way to be successful. This company must be made profitable to be of any value. This can only be done with the right leaders.

Just imagine if all those millions of $$ had been put into business development and not thrown away on lawyers.

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