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Singaporeans (also citizens of Brunei, Canada, HK SAR, Japan, Malaysia, S Korea, US) can apply for instant Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) on the Australian government website.

Choose either business or visitor. People going for business meetings etc usually apply for business visa. Online payment.

As far as I can remember, almost instant approval. Print out and put in passport in case of enquiries at immigration (though never had any), but also to remember the expiry date, as it's 1 year validity for multiple entries.

Can also check status of ETA online if you cannot remember if you already have one approved.

Hope this helps.
By the way, be careful of google search for ETA. Quite often comes up with ads from agents who charge you "service fee" for handling the application (totally unnecessary). The service fee can range from a few dollars to a hundred dollars! Be careful and read the email address properly. Make sure it is the Australian government one (, with Australian government logo)
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