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Time to vote again? trial is over, justice had been seeked.
The trial had found JH guilty. Case against CP, AP and MT dismissed with cost. CP is clear of acting in cahoot with JH though all of us know that she is guilty of profiteering from buying at $2 and selling at $5 or more.

When the present management kicks CP out , they claimed that CP was trying to gain control of Cellos, run down Cellos in order to protect herself from any suit. The judgement had proved otherwise. The judgement had also proved that the present management had lied. CP is right about KP; that he is a fake; that he cannot produce;he was sacked by JH yet the present mangement embraces him. Simply cannot understand ???? perhaps there may be more to it than ????

The present management did not account for the $US 28 milliion that was raised in 1014. To date, Cellos did not register even a $1 revenue. Why continue to employ so many staff when there is no business??? Cellos should be cutting cost and not be so extravagrant. It is the shareholder's money they are spending - got to be more responsible and restraint.

Unfortunately the shareholders do not have any chance to vote, queries or exercise the basic right because there is no AGM,EGM or communication channels.They had sucessfully shut out the shareholders from any information pertaining to the Cellos. There were people who wrote or call Cellos Investor Relation. They were blanked out.

Something is definite not right. The management cannot blatantly disregard the shareholders. It is the shareholder money that they are spending. Legally,the management is 101% accountable to the shareholders.

The trial is not over. Justice need to be seek. The wolves need to be expose.
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