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Side track abit during my 3d2n stay at d esplanade ksl...every night got free mini fireworks
Almost every hr at night will have fire crackers sound...even at 2am

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Yeah I saw it from my balcony at D Esplanade. Just two people setting off fireworks on the road at around midnight. Didn't shoot very far or high up. But it was so dangerous as the road was still in use although traffic was light. The cars just waited at a distance or the person setting off waited for the cars to pass before lighting another one.
Plus the shophouses, eateries were by the side of the road although they were closed. If something go wrong, all the shophouses will get burnt down.
Never park your car by the side of the road overnight in JB. You'll never know when these fireworks jokers will make your car fly up in the sky too.
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