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Just to add, for the Anker Libery Air, there are a couple of issues I noticed in the few days i have been using:

1) Switching between devices is NOT seamless. You need to go d/c from your current device, either bluetooth off or in the menu, and then go to the new device and connect via bluetooth settings. My plantronics was easy: just pause whatever Iím doing on my current device, and connect via the bluetooth settings on the new device.

2) The sound connection is solid. But had three issues which happened once:
a) The stereo sound broke and I only had sound out from the right bud when I just paired them.
b) The sound sync between Left and Right decoupled after 30 mins and there was a lag between left and right. Had to slot back into the case and reconnect.
c) The usually good sound quality suddenly became echo-y after 30 mins and had to slot the buds back in the case and pull out.

Having said that, these issues only occured once for me. Iím still very happy with them.
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