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So far the issue has been solved. Have been coming back after runs and connect to the watch using bluetooth, switch on wifi and launch the nike app on both watch and phone. Just dunno why i needa connect using bluetooth coz mine is the monile connectivity watch. Feels like i am paying the $8 or so a month for nothing. Haha

There are 2 ways I am using it.

When I run outdoors, I carry the phone and the watch, and I start the run from my phone. The watch is just a display of the current stats, and a remote for me to switch songs. Thus it has to be synced.

When I run on the treadmill, I use the watch alone. Upon reaching home, I will pair it to my phone to leave some comments on my run. It syncs almost immediately in the background. When I go into the Nike+ app, I alr see my latest run.

I have never suffered the issue you are facing.
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