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I started a thread on Android phone Chinese Entertainment apps but it was deleted by the moderator.

I myself use limited apps.

Live TV: 华文电视,超级直播,电视家, hdp直播
VOD: I paid for Youku VIP.
Music: I paid for QQ Music VIP and Xiami Music VIP.

You can also refer to the above iPhone Chinese Entertainment thread for references. There are many more choices though on Android, you will have to search for it.

麻花影视,千寻影视,完美视大全,小看吧,大麥影视 for newer/latest shows.

酷喵, 泰捷 , 搜狐, 芒果 for older shows

Please note that there are 2 versions for the apps - handphone version and tv version - use tv version on tvbox for best viewing experience.

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