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Lies and deceits

12 months ago to the day 7th February 2018 CellOS sent this letter to shareholders. I have left out some of the letter, just showing you the important parts.

“Dear Shareholder,
We have great pleasure in announcing the appointment of an Advisory Board consisting of three prominent experts who will bring tremendous insight and guidance as CellOS Software continues its journey to success.......…………………

Cont………Indijit Singh Dhaliwal, Richard Carden & Lee Fang Wen………

Cont…………The three gentlemen join the Advisory Board of CellOS Software with immediate effect.”

So how has this lie worked out for us, or if they did actually give advise, was it to run the company into ground? I hope CellOS didn’t pay them anything because JYT and Kamlesh were already doing a pretty good job of running the Company into the ground.
Cellos in its present form is built on lies upon lies, deceits upon deceits.
It is a big integrity and honesty issue. To date, I cannot credit the present mangement for a single truth or a piece of info that holds ground.Their business forecast did not happen; the so many contracts remain doubtful as they have not bring in a single $$ revenue; the value of the patents( claimed to worth hundred of millions) cannot be real 'cos it, too, have not generate any income.
For years, the management had blatantly ignored the sharholders interest and using the shareholders money,they employed some big gun lawyers to deny shareholders queries into the company's affair. We, the poor shareholders have no recourse except to pray for divine intervention.
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