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Wtf?? What did u reply her? So many things to say one, so nosy.

Think best is my Friend do pickup he drive through residents gantry. That one more satki. Let’s see what Aunty will say to that....

This morning fetch my daughter finish her tuition from Robertson Edge, time is still early I was 30 minutes early, the security allow me to wait inside the carpark to wait, i saw still many empty lots there. I stopped my engine and wait inside a lot.

After 10 minutes, suddenly one local Chinese Singaporean auntie in her 60 come in front of my car and looking at the blue sticker and look at me, ask me:

"Who are you wanting for?"
"Which floor is your passenger staying?"
"What time your passenger coming?"

"Do you know this is a private property, phv not suppose to come inside and wait?"

"You only can come to pick up and leave, not suppose to park inside and wait."

"Ask you passenger to call you when they are here."

"I will ask the management and security not to allow phv to wait inside."

This is private property......

CB , she is only one of the resident there driving an old Renault car...

We phv driver always get look down by Abnn, now even our own fellow Singaporean..As long as there is a blue sticker on your car, you are nobody.
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