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Currently on 1GBPS fibre network and starhub cable TV.

As the support for cable tv will end in 2019.
I'm thinking of changing to the home hub bundle (network+fibre tv 2 set top box).

And if i should get the google wifi x3 router or the linksys EA8100 2600AC.

Is it a good time? please advise.
Depend on your family needs to continue watching Starhub TV channels.

Not sure if they provide you with Free fibre broadband when you upgrade from Cable TV to Fibre TV > Submit to Upgrade to Starhub Fibre TV

For having 2 STB (Set top box) which may required a separate ethernet cable trunking refer to picture on > Multiple set-top boxes set-up

However if one STB which may be in the bedroom without data point then may have to consider using > Ethernet Over Coaxial for Fibre TV

Current promotion for HomeHub Plus (1Gbps) is $68.80 with Free 6 months subscription and 6 months HBO Pak beside other free items > HomeHub Plus

On whether to take set of 3 Google Wifi (additional cost involved) or Free Linksys EA8100 it would depend on your flat layout.

Note that it is announced that cable network will cease by end Jun 2019.
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