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Anyway put another note. Own car or rental car what is the difference. Even if you buy a car, you are also renting from garment for 10 years, after that renew 5/10 years or scrap. It's not as though we really own the car. Own something means you can keep it forever until you throw.

The only difference is probably own a car is cheaper than rental long run for phv.
For rental, there is no long term commitment which is the advantage. One fine day you stop phv or lose a full time job, you can get rid of car easily.
So smart choice is still rent car. If can afford of course buy a car can save some money for phv or personal use.
Anyway who care as long as rider reach destination safely most important.

Seriously, customers dont care owned or rent etc.
As long as pt A to B, paid service is all that matters
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